Welcome note

In recent years Panama has experienced many changes in the area of real estate for the benefit of locals and foreigners.

The success achieved is due to many factors, but especially to the conditions that make this country unique: its geographic position in the middle of the Americas, its dollarized economy, its solid and conservative banking center, legal security, safe environment, the hospitality of its people and the best benefit retiree program of the world, among others.

The discovery of this advantages has turned Panama into a preferred destination for retirees and a great option for a second residence establishment. The diversity of scenarios that the country offers in a very reduced piece of land is another convenient advantage. The short distance between oceans, allow its residents to enjoy of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and their numerous attractions all year round. Climate conditions with no earthquakes and no hurricanes had encouraged the construction of hundreds of skyscrapers making the Panama City’s skyline one of the most beautiful in the region.

From city lovers to beach or nature ones, this small country has a countless offer of residential communities to please the most exigent tastes.

For me it has been an honor to assist many people to find their ideal home and, on the occasion of the twelve years anniversary of Prime Properties Panama, I invite you to take a tour of the areas that in our opinion have become the best for living as well as a careful selection of its most outstanding properties.

Magberty Abrego