Panama at a Glance

A Small Country, An Universe of Diversity

Panama City

Is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Panama. As the financial center of the country, Panama City's economy is service-based, heavily weighted toward banking, commerce, research and tourism. Due to its strategical position, Panama City also serves as a continental hub for air traffic, reason why it becomes a must stop for many travelers.

It has a dense skyline of mostly high-rise buildings, and it is surrounded by a large belt of tropical rainforest in the north and by the Pacific Ocean in the south.

The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, fine cuisine, nightlife, contemporary art, shopping and a high quality of living.

Panama Canal Zone and Nature Lovers Areas

The Panama Canal Zone was a former United States’ territory granted by Panama for the administration and protection of the canal. By 1999, US troops left the country but their green and beautifully planned town-ships and military installations remained and quickly became one of the most valued lands on the Panamanian market due to the well preserved natural environment, landscaping design and modern public infrastructure.

Many residential and commercial developments are taking place in this area offering a unique living and working experience at only 15 minutes drive from the cosmopolitan and vibrant Panama City.

Panama Beaches and Islands

Pacific Beaches is a group of beach communities with fast access from the city due to its connection with the PanAmerican Road that cross the country from East to West and the Americas from North to South.

In this area most Panamanians have its second residences and it is the home of the biggest expats community in the country because of the ample range of facilities around that ensures its residents a first-world living experience with the charm of the countryside environment.

Most residential developments are low density, but recently high rise building are also been built offering amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

Selected Properties

Whether you are a city, beach or nature lover, we have selected the most exclusive properties within these three diverse Panamas to make it easy for you to find the home that truly fullfil your tastes and needs.

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