340 SQ. MT.




USD$ 650,000

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Condominium -  Low density

6 story building

Amenities Highlights

Located in the beautiful and recently renovated Amadors' Causeway, right in the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.


Ready for delivery.

Detailed Description

AMADOR Causeway

Named after the Manuel Amador Guerrero, the first President of Panama, the 6km-long stretch of road extends into the Pacific Ocean at the point where the Panama Canal meets the sea. The newly renovated land bridge was built using soil excavated during the canal’s construction and today is popular with walkers and cyclists. It also boasts the capital’s best vantage points for watching the large container ships enter and exit the canal, and ferries regularly depart from the causeway for the Pearl Islands.

The extraordinarily scenic Amador Causeway stretches nearly three kilometers into the Pacific Ocean. This majestic causeway features many tourist-related venues and activities including hotels, restaurants, and exercise trails. 

Today, the Amador Causeway is one of the city’s best known roads, home to some of Panama’s top activities and attractions showcasing the best of the isthmus, including the Biomuseo one of the city’s best museums. Designed by the Canadian-born American, Frank Gehry, the museum is housed within a colorful, origami-like building and celebrates Panama’s incredible biodiversity. After all, this small Central American country is home to more species of birds and animals (insects included) than the United States and Canada combined! 



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Property Location

Avenida Amador, Panamá

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